The benefits of a uniform: the capsule wardrobe that won’t embarrass you

Byron Tully, over at The Old Money Book outlined a brilliant thought exercise in his post about curating a wardrobe. I though it was a nice follow-up to my three-season uniform post:

An imaginary exercise for your garment and color choices is to pretend that you open your closet in the middle of the night, pull out all the garments you need to be fully dressed, get dressed in the dark, then turn on the light. If you’ve curated your wardrobe well, almost anything will go with anything and look presentable…

Another similar hypothetical scenario was posted in the comments of The Minimal Mom’s Winter Uniform video:

Basically, if I was in a pinch and someone else had to grab some clothes for me, would I be embarrassed to wear what they pulled out of my closet?

These two thought exercises brilliantly cuts through all the indecision and gets to the core of a curated wardrobe. Maybe it should marketed as: “the capsule wardrobe that won’t embarrass you.”

Now that my wardrobe three-season wardrobe has been radically simplified, I feel mostly confident (95% there). I only have a few colors to mix and match (black, navy, charcoal and tan), and the silhouette is consistent. All that remains is to nail down the remaining 5% and my summer wardrobe.

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